The moment you start empowering a section of the population you have to exclude others. BEE is Apartheid, only the spelling differs – no more, no less. The “Struggle” was launched by the (mostly) black population of this country to get rid of the laws that favoured White people. 

I do not think that we want the whites to launch a revolution in an attempt to get equal opportunities. The white persons born after 1994 had nothing to do with the Apartheid policies of the previous Government, nor did they get preferential treatment, why should they then be submitted to this new form of discrimination? You cannot empower someone to do a job for which he is not qualified through either training or experience. This is so evident in Government Departments where people were employed in positions based on the colour of their skin – as an example set by Government to the private sector. What emerged were disgruntled, unhappy, poor performing employees earning hard earned Tax money for doing nothing incorrectly. 

The workload of the (mostly white) employees carried over from the previous dispensation doubled and trebled in an attempt by these people to keep things going. I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO DISPUTE THIS STATEMENT. To support this the following: I took my son to Home affairs five years or so ago after applying for his ID (several times in fact) over a period of three years or so prior to this incident. After waiting in the queue for about four hours we reached the correct cubicle. The clerk at the computer requested a copy of the application form (in almost intelligible English – something like “Yo aaapliction”). He proceeded to key in my son’s name and surname in an attempt to track the application. It took him fifteen minutes to enter my son’s name. (Which is not exceptionally long or complicated) Clearly this poor guy was completely unqualified for this position. He had to compare the symbol on the screen with the symbol on the application form by matching the shape, as I am quite certain that he was unable to read. This poor employee must have been the most unhappy person on the planet because I am certain that he had been ridiculed and sworn at many times since his BEE appointment.

Moral of the story – BEE can make people unhappy; it makes the rest of the population unhappy – definitely, because the service quality, which was often not very good in the first instance, completely disappears. Things that normally took three months now took more than a year to accomplish. This makes Government look bad. This makes our country look bad. This makes investment in our country go away. This causes Thriving Companies to go bankrupt. This leads to BEE job losses and unemployment. - FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT ALL JOBS ARE BEE APPOINTMENTS. This leads to increase in crime. This leads to hundreds of private Security firms being established because the Police cannot cope, giving the economy a little boost because these firms need personnel, vehicles, premises and so on. (This has already happened) Problem is, no country can subsist on crime prevention firms. Eventually there will be nothing left to steal. The Security firms will start closing down. This will lead to more BEE persons to be laid off. This will eventually turn onto a big nothing. People will turn to cannibalism (hence all the movies portraying zombies or some sort of people eating creatures) to survive. We will start losing the ability to speak as everybody will stay out of everyone else's way for fear of being eaten, thus negating the need for communication. 

In the end, all the whites will be consumed (simply because there are more black people or maybe because whites are tastier) and there will be no more need for BEE, Government, Taxes, Businesses etc.  (OVERSIMPLIFIED IN ORDER THAT OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CAN UNDERSTAND) Once all this has come to pass, the surviving few will start finding a way to communicate – at first a few grunts accompanied by some hand signals and body posture and so on. Then spoken language, then written language, the maths and so on. The group of survivors that develop these abilities the quickest will start dominating the slower groups, they will start taking over all the best caves and the most fertile land. They will chase the less developed groups away from the areas where game is most abundant and water easily reached. They will develop even faster. The less developed groups will start feeling disgruntled. They will start attacking small groups of the more developed clan in isolated areas. 

The more developed guys will retaliate and start devising more effective weaponry. The animosity will deepen. They will start attacking the less developed clans and chase them even further away; their leaders will use the threat of attack as an excuse to dedicate more time and resources for the development of better and better weapons and defences.. After some time, one group will dominate all the other groups and the need for animal hides, minerals, agricultural land, etc. will drive the development  and economy of the race as a whole. At some stage a dispute will develop between those belonging to the dominant group. They will split up and set up borders between them so that they do not encroach on each other’s resources. A drought or some natural catastrophe will create a severe shortage of resources. The two groups will attack each other, hoping to obtain the resources from the other group by force. 

The successful clan will become bold and start roaming the countryside in search of other clans that they can subvert by force and so the story continues. Eventually some pacifist will emerge, pleading for dialogue instead of armed conflict. The enslaved clans by now outnumbering their masters ten-to-one will support this notion wholeheartedly. They will start eroding the ruling clan from within by refusing to work, by damaging tools and equipment etc.  Once they tip the balance the pacifist will call for elections. 

The less developed clan will be elected into power simply because of their sheer multitude. They will start placing their clan members in positions where they can earn whatever currency is used at the time - of course, family members will take preference. Only one problem exists – the newly employed members don’t have a clue of what should be done. 

The industry starts failing, The clans from the surrounding countryside don’t bother to visit the site of the larger clan anymore as they can make the same products cheaper anyway, needing less people to do the job, therefore more productive. The cave industries go bankrupt. The newly empowered people lose their jobs. They start moving away from the community, as no more food is available, their currency worthless. Their skills not required anymore etc. They start living off the land and once this resource is depleted they turn to cannibalism in order to survive.
 The fat ones go first which means that we will be without Government officials quick-quick


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