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It was published by Minister Richard Baloyi in our Government Gazette that Council Members – Countrywide are to receive Risk Insurance  and Life insurance, to be paid for by the TAXPAYER.

This brilliant move was certainly inspired by the fact that we had more than a hundred  (113) poor- service-delivery–related riots during the first seven months of 2012. 

I think it is ridiculous to fund this with Tax money – HA HA, make the people that are extremely unhappy – to the point where they are revolting against said Council members, for NOT doing their jobs, PAY even more to compensate for anticipated damages/losses and-so-on, which may be incurred by thePERPETRATORSof the root causes of the revolts. (Pay them for cocking things up)

This is akin to a shopkeeper charging shoppers more for rotten goods, and forcing them to eat it.

Salaries to Council members are already the largest cost item, leaving meagre amounts for real service delivery.



Mr. Jacob Zuma The President of the Republic of South Africa makes a public speech in Natal.

He states that it is not Black culture (in a country that claims to be non-racial)  to spend money on your dog by taking it to the vet when its requires medical attention.
(Apparently he meant that this should not be allowed when someone in your service – a black person obviously, needs a doctor.

I can understand his sentiment but usually a person that is employed earns money and has the ability to get to a doctor, or if unemployed,  free Government-run clinics or hospitals.

People also have the ability to communicate their problems to someone else.

Animals on the other hand, do not have the luxury of free medical services, free government hospitals or clinics.

Animals are totally dependent on their owners for everything, from daily sustenance to grooming and medical assistance if so required.

Dogs did not ask to be domesticated almost thirty-five thousand years ago.

Incidentally Mr. Presiden…


The wise guy that coined this phrase must have grown up inUtopiaor someplace where everybody was literate. In Africa, children are taught how to strip an AK47 before they learn how to read and write . (Maybe these skills are a part of their upbringing) By the time they become old enough to acquire literacy skills they are no longer interested. It is easier to take what you want from those that actually believe that the pen is mightier than the sword (AK47) Having faced the wrong side of Russian and Chinese manufactured weaponry, I can assure anyone that you will feel extremely stupid, standing there, pen – in – hand.(and probably some liquid brown stuff soiling your boots) The same can of course be said for any modern firearms. You just do not argue with someone if they are pointing a gun at you, be it of Russian, Chinese or German manufacture. I can not believe that people, after being witness to so many atrocities all over the world, still believe that pacifism will bring about mean…


And so the saga continues – If it is not the mine workers, it’s the truck drivers. We have so many well paying jobs in this country that we can afford to just obliterate a few hundred or so. Burn a few trucks (some costing almost R 2000000.00), disrupt the traffic so that the rest of us are unable to reach our source of income (our jobs) on time. All the losses, and that includes the three to six hours that the non-striking road users were prevented from using the freeway, should be for the account of the strikers. Some small businesses will not be able to absorb the losses incurred, insurance companies will probably compensate for some of the damages but the hidden costs will haunt us for a long time to come. This is the part we can certainly not afford.  Damage to our international image, the loss of production, the loss of clients, the damage to the roads caused by burning vehicles, late deliveries and most of all, loss of jobs. Not only the drivers but also all those that are even…


Africa oh Africa – Our President at it again, F%^K the hungry, F%^K the homeless, F%^K everybody. JZ wants to use OUR TAX money (not his) R203 000 000.00 (250 000 000.00) to upgrade NKANDLA. Are they having platinum baths and toilets installed? Are they going to build a Nuke proof bunker at 2000 meters below sea level to protect his life (and that of his concubines) while mothers in the townships are throwing their babies into shithouses because they don’t have anymore hope. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LEADERS ON THIS CONTINENT – THOSE ELECTED INTO GOVERNMENT JUST CAN NOT SEEM TO STOP ENRICHING THEMSELVES, LIVE EXCESSIVELY OPULENT LIFESTYLES, BUILD PALACES WITH EXTREME SECURITY MEASURES, FLY AROUND WITH TWO AIRCRAFT (I still find this one very funny), EVERYTHING AT THE EXPENSE OF THE POOREST-OF- THE- POOR. Drive through any African country (except Botswana maybe) and the poverty, poor development, unhygienic and shitty-smelling conditions will hit you between the eyes every time you open …

ANC - Another Name Change

Our inept ruling Party at it again – changing names. I think that the ANC government has now officially spent more on name changes than on anything else – except of course Salaries and perks for Government officials. Some of the regiments that was established before the ANC came into being are now at risk of being renamed, fortunately not after some unknown official’s second cousin but after provinces i.e. Limpopo etc. The day will come when the acronym ANC will not be associated with the African National Congress but  Another NameChange. Great is the pity that this does nothing to relieve poverty, build houses, create jobs etc. (except for the fortunate company that manufacture sign boards) – probably partly or wholly owned by some official or a family member. We are lucky that not much remains to be renamed which will hopefully motivate our Government to start building  (Creating something new) that can be named instead of just renaming stuff that was erected and created by the prev…

DECEMBER 21, 2012

Some people are scared shitless, some are anticipating extreme change –WHY? It is always the end of the world – referring to the poor abused planet earth. The scenario always includes the Christian God (and apparently the Mayan gods) wanting to obliterate everything that was created (once perfect). The Planet did not commit any wrongdoing, in fact the whole nature, except Homo Sapiens-Sapiens is constantly trying to regain balance and normality. We – the humans, are procreating (fuc&#%) things up, constantly looking for more ways to feed, clothe and house the ever increasing multitudes. The whole process of population growth is required to keep the wheels of poorly managed economies – world wide turning. The notion of preaching a slowdown in population growth (by any Politician worth the name) is a big no-no, unless you want to lose the next election of course. We are screwing ourselves into extinction in the process of providing cannon fodder for the factories and industry (and …



The weeks, Months, Years, Decades just start flowing into each other. I remember when I was still at school, the terms seemed endless, though it seldom exceeded two-and-a-half months. As the great levelling tool creeps up, time becomes compressed. I am spending a lot of time at home (and loving it) but the days just fly away. Every Monday, it hits you in the guts that yet another week has begun. What makes it even more pungent is the fact that you realise that every day since last Monday, at least one murder was reported in the papers.
Not crimes of passion, the old love triangle stuff, but hate crime, old people tortured, burnt with heated frying pans, clothes irons, tied with steel wire and repeatedly hit in the face, on the head, arms broken, legs broken, severely concussed. If they are lucky, they are left on the crime scene in a crumpled heap, the unlucky ones are used for target practise, maybe to assess the potency of the handgun taken from the previous farm att…


Heard about the Government Servant (should actually be servant of the people) that spends millions of taxpayer’s money on flying separately and not with other officials.
He justifies this by claiming that the officials in question have body vermin - lice, Crabs?.
The next day one of the esteemed SACP members suck-up to the ANC President by stating that legislation should be passed to make it illegal to make any negative public statements about the President. (I suppose this will be enforced even if said President misuses taxpayer's money to upgrade already opulent digs)
He further says that white people degrade blacks and their culture(s) (Is the culture of all black people in this country the same?)
Funny that white MP’s do not insist on flying alone, funny that they don’t publicly state (and degrade) members of the opposing party (also mostly black) on the flight by saying that they have body vermin and so on. Funny that the president (Prime Minister and MP’s) of the previous r…


WROTE THIS POST WHEN WE HAD SNOW IN PRETORIA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FIFTY YEARS. Saw snow in Pretoria for the first time since 1963 and not 1960 as reported by the SAWS. The snow is of course not due to the abundance of so-called hothouse gases but because Selebi is not going to serve out his sentence. The abundance of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane (from dung) and Hydrogen Sulphide etc. are all due to the many untruths expelled into the atmosphere by politicians that still believe that you can bullshit everybody all the time - from there arises the bulk of the Methane present in our atmosphere. Thankfully the atmosphere surrounds the whole planet which  dilutes all the Methane emitted in Africa. If all remained in our part of the atmosphere it would certainly have already resulted in a huge explosion, the likes which have never been observed in our galaxy. (Supernova like) One of the greatest insults to humanity is the notion that people who are not in positions of power ar…


The moment you start empowering a section of the population you have to exclude others. BEE is Apartheid, only the spelling differs – no more, no less. The “Struggle” was launched by the (mostly) black population of this country to get rid of the laws that favoured White people. 
I do not think that we want the whites to launch a revolution in an attempt to get equal opportunities. The white persons born after 1994 had nothing to do with the Apartheid policies of the previous Government, nor did they get preferential treatment, why should they then be submitted to this new form of discrimination? You cannot empower someone to do a job for which he is not qualified through either training or experience. This is so evident in Government Departments where people were employed in positionsbased on thecolour of their skin– as an example set by Government to the private sector. What emerged were disgruntled, unhappy, poor performing employees earning hard earned Tax money fordoing nothing in…
PETROLOGY refers to the study of rocks - very interesting until you read an article in the newspaper about the decision making abilities of our esteemed friends in Government. Not interesting - in fact downright boring, akin to man made bricks. Some a-hole decided that the ratio of black to white kids in the Jacaranda Children's home in East Lynne Pretoria (70 black kids to 180 white (approximately)) excludes them from the privilege to receive grants from Corporate bodies.

Fuc& the 70 black kids with their needs that were placed in this home together with the whites by the COURTS (Government ??) - not the personnel or anyone else at the facility.

The numbers just do not add up to satisfy the black rock that decided (with obvious limited quantities of grey matter - therefore this color), that this ratio does not qualify the facility as falling within the BEE legislation and any donations to said facility would therefore not be acceptable.(Tainted by white matter to form grey st…