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The study was published online Nov. 8 in the journal Scientific Reports. Original article on Live Science.

Scientists did three experiments to examine the widely accepted idea that religion is linked to intuition, as well as the lesser-held idea that religion can be explained by reason. In one experiment, 89 pilgrims taking part in the famous Camino de Santiago, or the "Way of Saint James" pilgrimage, completed a cognitive test. They answered questions about the strength of their religious or spiritual beliefs and the length of time they had spent on the pilgrimage. The pilgrims also completed probability tasks that assessed their levels of logical thinking and intuitive, or "gut feeling," thinking. The results showed no link between religious beliefs and intuitive thinking. Nor was there a link between supernatural beliefs and analytical thinking, the researchers found. In the second study, 37 people from the United Kingdom had to try to solve mathematical puzzles des…


The final straw on the camel’s back?
The last victim may be the incident that leads to retaliation from the South African farming community. It is not a matter of ethnicity anymore but of farmers being targeted regardless of colour or creed. Victims of these heinous acts of torture, rape and all manner of extreme brutality will often find it difficult to return to farming.
This in turn leads to the food security of an entire nation being jeopardised for the enrichment of a select few. Do not for one moment think that the attacks are planned by the actual perpetrators. They are only cannon fodder. The farming community is under attack from persons, probably in very high positions, government officialdom not excluded.
Many promises were made by the ruling party pertaining to the redistribution of land when they campaigned. Land, especially developed farmland that has been in the hands of whites for many generations (some more than 350 years) unfortunately cannot be obtained for free in a D…

Bull Terrier diaries - October 10, 2017


Bull terrier diaries - September 15, 2017 A dog's life

Do not for one moment think that things were different
during the night.

Bull Terrier Diaries - September 14, 2017

Bull terrier Activity centre - Queen sized bed (mine !!)

Twelve thousand Road deaths vs FOURTEEN THOUSAND MURDERS per annum

Read the headlines of the "Beeld" this morning and noticed that the "AARTO" system will be implemented country-wide as from next year.

Should this system be administered well it will be an asset and will probably help to reduce the number of road accident deaths to less than the 32 deaths that occur daily .

A lot of effort and financial resources have already been invested in this system and if the persons that will be appointed to make the system work are employed based on the qualifications required for the functions they have to perform, it will be an asset.

To date, this has not been the case. Even I have received incorrect fines with the photograph clearly depicting a totally different make and colour of vehicle with a registration number that may be the same but being somewhat unclear resulted in the fine being allocated to me.

I believe that the person(s) that have to issue fines, should at least be able to differentiate between different makes of vehicles a…

Rhino poaching - still going strong

The following information was obtained from the official Wildlife conservation site:"Rhino Poaching Statistics for South Africa, 2016A total of 1 054 rhino were poached in 2016, compared to 1 175 in the same period for 2015, representing a decline of 10.3%.  (My comments: The decline of 10.3% is probably due to Rhinos becoming more difficult to find - 1054 less to be found to be exact.) Specifically for the KNP, a total of 662 rhino carcasses were found in 2016 compared to 826 in 2015. This represents a reduction of 19.85% in 2016. This is despite a continued increase in the number of illegal incursions into the Kruger National Park." (My comments: a reduction of 200 carcasses still resulted in 662 rhinos dead, unable to procreate and ensure the survival of the species. 662 gene carriers less) I Proposed a probable cure for this heinous practise about five years ago. Since then - billions have been spent in an attempt to save the Rhino, to stop poaching and the export of rhino h…

Bullies at work - Thursday 20/07/2017

Bullies at work - Thursday, 20/07/2017

Sudoku time

Bullies at work

Wednesday - 19/07/2017 Find the dog and win a VW

Bullies at work T-Bone and Bonita having a busy day

Tuesday - 18/07/2017 Busy day !!

English Bull Terriers at work

Bonita - 17 July 2017 - Exerting herself (she actually opened her eyes)


Excerpt from NEWS 24 of 12/05/2017
Cape Town – SABC CEO James Aguma shocked on Wednesday by telling parliament the SABC wants the Broadcasting Act changed to include more viewing devices so that more people need a SABC TV licence, for instance for computers, cellphones and tablets. Aguma, SABC executives and the SABC’s new interim board appeared before parliament’s portfolio committee on communications to brief members of parliament about the latest situation at the crisis-riddled public broadcaster and its revised corporate plan. He said the SABC is budgeting for lower revenue from SABC TV licences this year, but that the SABC wants to see changes made to the Broadcasting Act to make it mandatory for people to pay a TV licence for more devices they view content on. Currently people are required to pay a TV licence for a device that can receive a TV signal. As video-on-demand (VOD), digital broadcasting and video content channelled through other device however grows, millions more South A…


More than 7000 white farmers have been killed in South Africa from 1994. to April 2017. If one considers that we have a total of about 30 000 white farmers left, this figure really becomes significant. (23% of the total  farming community which is predominantly white (64%) The Latest update April 2017 >7000 (Statistics are not being updated anymore)

We, the white city dwellers may feel reasonably safe at the moment, after all, it is the farmers they are after. The question remains, who will be next?

Once all the farms have been re-distributed, your suburban dwelling may be the target of choice.

Do not become complacent, do not distance yourself from these atrocities as you may become the next victim.

The Jewish people in Europe also thought that they were fairly safe from harm, quite a large portion of the Jewish community in Europe were considered affluent and this may have contributed to their perception that they were isolated and buffered from the impending violence.



Judging by the reaction of almost the entire populace of this beleaguered country it is quite clear that Z1 has been weighed and found too heavy, heavy and bloated by the amount of loot skimmed, not only from the top but from the middle and bottom layers as well.
Perturbing is the number of supporters who, unless they are all brain dead, can certainly not align themselves with a person that clearly has no values, no conscience and no empathy for anyone but himself.
One can only conclude that the loyalty originates from some other source i.e. fear of being exposed as the following who lightened the burden of Z1 somewhat.
It cannot be the character, looks, mathematical abilities or any other positive traits that keeps these cronies from jumping ship. . Now would be a good time to pack and go because later would reveal the true reasons(s) for staying on board.
Once this guy is relieved of his position he will not remain in this country but would probably go into voluntary exile – to th…


Saw this apparently arrogant individual rise through the ranks and reach the pinnacle of the American Dream – President of the USA
Throughout his campaign he was honest about his feelings towards the section of the population that he deemed undesirable. The bleeding hearts objected vehemently to no avail.
This guy was the first American in years that spoke out loud what almost all the Americans were thinking, but were too scared to voice in fear of being labelled racist or something. Being politically correct having become the norm instead of tackling the real problem(s)
If any American is honest enough to say out loud what almost the entire population of the USA were too scared of saying, he deserves to be President.
It is a breath of fresh air to have an honest person (not perfect at all, but mostly honest), with enough money to exclude him from being corruptible.
It is also the first guy in many years with a real business background  and skills to take the job of Managing Directo…