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Beeld 20/01/2013.
Janine Meiring  rushes to hospital on Christmas day, feeling that something is not well with her unborn baby. She is referred to another facility  because of known complications with previous pregnancies and births.
What is wrong with this scenario? Should a large facility like Pretoria West Hospital not be qualified for this type of emergency - gosh, Obstetrics!
At the second facility, Kalafong Hospital, she has to undergo a sonar. The medical person- I find it difficult to call him Doctor as this title is normally reserved for someone that values human life and has compassion for those in pain, ignores all the signs of  a woman that is already progressed far into labor.
 He virtually forces her to get up after the sonar test, he then prevents her from sitting or lying down on the floor, subsequently instructs her not to attempt to cup  her hand(s) between her legs Why? (This action is an instinctive attempt to prevent the baby from falling) even I am aware of this…

Petrology - πέτρα: Daschund dragged behind Pick-up

Petrology - πέτρα: Daschund dragged behind Pick-up: Beeld – Tuesday, 2013-01-08.    Photograph of some person in Rustenburg dragging the body of a Daschund with a Toyota pick-up. I nearly t...


Always writing about the negative things in life like poor governance, social injustice, gross misuse of tax money and so on. My wife told me (requested me) to write something positive and nice, considering that it’s the first day of a New Year.

One does tend to become negative and maybe a grumpy old person if you are always exposing yourself to the stuff that requires fixing.

I won’t say that the beautiful things that remain passes me by but maybe I should allow this to influence my moods more often.

My youngest granddaughter turned four and a half months yesterday and my eldest son 34. The little girl (Zoe-Leigh) is such a source of pleasure that I would find it difficult to get myself in the right mood to write asinine remarks about those who really deserve to be castigated in a public forum.

We have three children of our own and I think if I put all their baby-smiles together I may just be able to equal what Zoe-Leigh gives us in a week. She has one of the most sunny characters I…