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RSA - All time record temperatures

07 December 2015Cape Town: 42.4
Robben Island: 40.8
Paarl: 41.9
Robertson: 41.2
Riversdale: 40.8
Worcester: 38.9
Langebaan: 41.5
Clanwilliam: 43.2
Vredendal: 43.9
Lamberts Bay: 40.8
Malmesbury: 44.4
Porterville: 41.8

The above temperatures are in °C not Fahrenheit

All time high temperatures measured in many towns and cities - Is it a once - of occurrence or will it happen again? This is only the seventh day of our official Summer. Are we going to wait another year or ten to find out or are we going to act now. We did measure some extraordinary high temperatures last year as well but it seems that the events are not isolated anymore this year. 

Extreme weather has become the norm over the last decade and the increase of the number of incidents over the last two years seem to be logarithmic.

What I do know for certain is that it is becoming impossible to sleep without at least a fan blowing at full blast directly onto one's body.

The minimum temperature measured in our bedroom on 07/12/2015 was 27 …

Ama to Zuma

At last - Zuma's reign nearing it's end. It took the populace twenty two years to realize that a country can not be ruled by a nincompoop. Political jargon and renaming of streets, towns and cities does very little in providing work, education, medical services and the like which are the things that actually matter.
A city called by any other name will soon smell of excrement if the sewers are left to their own device, if garbage collection is done at the whim of the Municipal workers Unions and if streets are used as urinals as per the squatter syndrome. If the urge strikes, squat and void the old bladder and bowels.
I the old days, when people still had some values, they would at least look for a bush to hide behind, not anymore. I saw a woman taking a crap on the sidewalk, in front of everybody and just walking off as if nothing has happened. A taxi pulled over in front of me and five or six of the occupants, male and female just did their thing - no problem.
The country i…