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Funny how time slips by if you are a person of leisure - I now measure time by my monthly visits to the pharmacy to get the all important chemical suplements that keeps the veins and arteries unblocked and the old ticker going.

Noticeable is the visible monthly increase in the amount that I pay for the same goodies. This can only be attributed to our driver community that burned so many trucks that the national truck sales statistics showed a marked increase over the last two months. Makes a person contemplate starting a business that will be boosted by strike action, maybe a glazing concern, a funeral parlor or something similar.

If and when sales start looking shi%%y one can always infiltrate some disgruntled group and get them to strike in a location with lots of windows e.g. Jo-Burg CBD or someplace and ensure that a lot of stones and half-bricks are available and of course a strong presence of well armed policemen.

When the stuff hits the fan, which will surely happ…