Funny how time slips by if you are a person of leisure - I now measure time by my monthly visits to the pharmacy to get the all important chemical suplements that keeps the veins and arteries unblocked and the old ticker going.

Noticeable is the visible monthly increase in the amount that I pay for the same goodies. This can only be attributed to our driver community that burned so many trucks that the national truck sales statistics showed a marked increase over the last two months. Makes a person contemplate starting a business that will be boosted by strike action, maybe a glazing concern, a funeral parlor or something similar.

If and when sales start looking shi%%y one can always infiltrate some disgruntled group and get them to strike in a location with lots of windows e.g. Jo-Burg CBD or someplace and ensure that a lot of stones and half-bricks are available and of course a strong presence of well armed policemen.

When the stuff hits the fan, which will surely happen if strikers, police and half-bricks are placed in the same vicinity the aspiring business person should only be around when tenders are given out for repairs to Government owned property that was damaged. This will insure that you can receive payment for the same job over and over again without actually having to do anything - ala JM. With the proceeds you can buy farms, stock up with the best cattle available, build a R 16 million house in the suburbs and generally have great fun.

Joe soap on the other hand must be very careful if he receives any money over and above his normal monthly pittance, the moment he spends this on a new car or something, the Taxman will be on his doorstep, demanding his pound of flesh.

Funny how the law-abiding, middle class salt - of- the- earth (and incidentally the glue that is keeping our economy from totally disintegrating) is always the poor individual that gets nailed. Our esteemed friends in government, from the President right down to the lowest ranking person in a position to approve tenders on the other hand, spend millions in tax money (Joe's money) without having to account for anything. This is happening while mothers in the townships are dumping their babies in pit latrines because they are unable to find work to sustain their offspring. Out of utter hopelessness people are killing their families and themselves.

We were promised change, change for the benefit of all the citizens of the country - the only changes have been to street, town and city names and to an education system, health system and police force that used to work reasonably well. (There is an old saying; "If it ain't fucke$, don't fix it")

The items that have been tampered with so far are the ones that are nice and visible, giving the uninformed the impression that things are happening - Please be aware that nothing actually happened, except for the hundreds of small-town and some bigger Municipalities that folded due to poor or total mismanagement - mostly of the fiscal kind. Due to this strange phenomenon, many of the political appointments in Municipal Management positions and so on have been discharged and appointed someplace else but as extremely upper-class persons- if you catch my drift.


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