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Saw this apparently arrogant individual rise through the ranks and reach the pinnacle of the American Dream – President of the USA
Throughout his campaign he was honest about his feelings towards the section of the population that he deemed undesirable. The bleeding hearts objected vehemently to no avail.
This guy was the first American in years that spoke out loud what almost all the Americans were thinking, but were too scared to voice in fear of being labelled racist or something. Being politically correct having become the norm instead of tackling the real problem(s)
If any American is honest enough to say out loud what almost the entire population of the USA were too scared of saying, he deserves to be President.
It is a breath of fresh air to have an honest person (not perfect at all, but mostly honest), with enough money to exclude him from being corruptible.
It is also the first guy in many years with a real business background  and skills to take the job of Managing Directo…