Saw this apparently arrogant individual rise through the ranks and reach the pinnacle of the American Dream – President of the USA

Throughout his campaign he was honest about his feelings towards the section of the population that he deemed undesirable. The bleeding hearts objected vehemently to no avail.

This guy was the first American in years that spoke out loud what almost all the Americans were thinking, but were too scared to voice in fear of being labelled racist or something. Being politically correct having become the norm instead of tackling the real problem(s)

If any American is honest enough to say out loud what almost the entire population of the USA were too scared of saying, he deserves to be President.

It is a breath of fresh air to have an honest person (not perfect at all, but mostly honest), with enough money to exclude him from being corruptible.

It is also the first guy in many years with a real business background  and skills to take the job of Managing Director of the greatest business on earth.

For too long has the world economy suffered from sub-standard management skills.
It has always been my conviction that once the election is over, all the bullshit associated with the political campaign must end and then be followed by placing the best person that you can afford in each portfolio, regardless of their political convictions.

I work for a very small company and we employ about thirty people in our sales and production facilities.
When we want to employ a laborer, we place an add and after making a shortlist, all the applicants are interviewed, and once we reach a decision, the best qualified person will undergo a security and background investigation, before being appointed.

The appointment will be on a probation basis for the first three months and only after this trial period is completed to the satisfaction of the employer, will the person be employed permanently.

This entire process is applied to get the best possible person for the job. Should this process not be applied for the Management of the biggest business on the planet???

When it comes to the appointment of Ministers in a cabinet, (and very often Presidents), the candidate is elected for his looks, gift of the gab or some inane characteristic that makes this person popular.

And the problems start, someone that is not qualified soon becomes very unhappy in any position. Ineptness leads to a severe dependence on someone else, a deputy or worse, someone that is perceived by the inept person to have some knowledge. This can obviously be very dangerous as it is often those that have the gift of being well spoken, that can convince others that they are knowledgeable or even adept at something without this really being the case.

Then the *BBB factor sets in and the poor unhappy individual that was convinced by the guy with the smooth voice, starts implementing some policy based on ignorance of the job at hand. Confusion results and the taxpayers become appalled by the sheer costs that are incurred to get something simple done right, the first time.

People should realize that you cannot run a macro economy on sentiment, emotions or any other feeling that is not subject to rational thought processes that have been tried and tested in the real world (business world).

Politics should never enter or influence any business decision be it in a small business or in a macro economic environment.
To allow this is to invite disaster.

When the economic environment favors  economic growth it will inevitably benefit the entire population. The currency becomes stronger, imports become cheaper, the poor start earning more, jobs become more abundant, crime is reduced etc.

In the long run, the poor become less poor, the middle class become less middle class and the rich become richer.

It has always been that way. 
You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor. 
The poor will have to work their way into the middle class. We all have to start somewhere.

Once the illegals are sent packing and employers are forced to employ American citizens, the market will determine the minimum wage that is required to get someone to work for them.

It will take a while and the procreation machinery will have to be slowed down a little in order that the demand for labour starts outstripping the supply. Fortunately the demand for labour also increases in a healthy economy, which does not totally negate the usefulness of the procreation equipment.

This inevitably leads to higher wages, even for the unskilled. (not the increase in the population but economic growth)

To make something valuable, it must become scarce or very desirable. Unfortunately, human life has become so abundant that it is actually becoming a threat to the survival, not only of the human race but to all life on this planet. We have screwed ourselves into being the most powerful force in our own environment, now we are screwing ourselves into extinction.

Let us not complain of poverty when our backyards are crawling with offspring, it is our own doing.
It is simple economics to realize that a dollar split three ways will result in 33 cents per individual. If you have to split it ten ways, it will buy ten cents worth of goodies for each recipient.

It is always funny to see how people procreate non-stop and then expect the government to bail them out with shelter, food, medical services etc.

All the above is paid for by the rest of the population, be they marginally middle class or rich. The bail-out money comes from cynics and bleeding hearts alike.

This is patently unfair. If birth control was still reliant on the practice of coitus interruptus, one could maybe understand but with the contraceptives available, no way.

I had a person working for me during the eighties. He had nine children and being his employer I was well aware of his financial abilities.

I confronted him when his wife fell pregnant with number ten and I asked him how he was planning to pay for the education of all his kids.

He simply stated that those that did not excel in grade school would become goatherders or tend to the millet fields at home.

When the goatherder and the millet field attendants grow up, they will obviously want more from life. This will lead to dissatisfaction and given enough goatherders and millet field attendants are generated, they end up starting, no following some revolutionary ideologist and end up being cannon fodder in another man’s war that is almost always designed to enrich himself.

You can rest assured that the Islamic State (IS) movement is not really about Islam but about being in control of the remaining oil reserves of the middle East – just dig deep enough and you will find the ugly head of the oil-Dollar-hungry-serpent at the bottom of the trench. Ugly bugger.
I will not say anything of the Liberal movements that were born in the US except that they will condone and support any perversion just to be popular.

I pray that the newer generations will become thinking individuals and not feelers. The emotional are driven by hormones and are therefore actually chemical robots. The danger lies in the depletion of the feel- good chemicals and the truly embittered individuals that emerge on the wrong side of the Serotonin supply. It is ugly to observe. The directions taken by these individuals are totally random and unpredictable. It usually leads to some action(s) that fuel the remaining embittered Liberals into coining some more politically correct phraseology.

My gosh, If a person is a short ass, why call them vertically impaired or if a person is fat – gravitationally impaired or when they are tall, vertically overcompensated or something stupid.

If you are a midget – then accept being a midget, not some syndrome impaired individual.

If you have a fat posterior, accept being called a fat-ass or eat less so that the fat can be removed from the ass.

If a person is well built or improved his physique by exercising with weights for years, we don’t call them artificially muscle substituted or something. We call them well built.

If someone is ugly, so be it. Don’t make it worse by calling them facial feature compromised.

If a guy has a large phallus, don’t call him equine-like- endowed-in-the-nether-regions. It may just lead someone to think that his thighs or his anal cavity is very hairy or something.

I rest my case.

* BBB - bullshit baffles brains


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