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The hunger games

Decided on Sunday, 24 January 2016 to fast for a few days, just to detox and mainly to show my body that I will not allow it to dictate when and what I must eat.

Today is day four (nearing it's end) and I feel extremely good.

The first day was difficult but after that it actually became quite easy.
(I structure my life around the principal of doing the right thing(s) right for the right reason(s)

I was 7 Kg overweight on Sunday, I am now only 3 kg overweight and I expect to reach my target (ideal weight for my age and body type) of 87 Kg by Sunday 31/01/2016.

Quick-Quick and relatively painless.

I have fasted before but only for 3 or 4 days in succession. It helps to rectify the battle of wills between body and soul but not really to allow the stomach to shrink in order that one can feel satisfied without having to eat too much.

A certain advantage is the return of the body's ability to process sugar(s) After a three day fast one will experience a rush of energy if you indulge…


For the poor individuals who are genetically inclined to become obese.
Nine out of ten times the problem is not inherited, it is taught. I have so often witnessed parents (at restaurants) tell their children to eat up, otherwise they will not be given sweets afterwards. Poor kids, they are already stuffed to the gills, they are forced to eat whatever is on their plates and afterwards they forcefeed themselves with sweets in order to get some joy from the meal.
Two hours later, they feel nauseous and have to be given medication to stop the nausea. It only postpones the inevitable – what should have been an afternoon barf becomes a two-o-clock-in-the-morning session, bedding full of something resembling a pizza that ended up in the dishwasher.
Poor kid gets whacked for eating too many sweets and stinking up the entire house with barfodour – the sticky smell with the same retention qualities in the atmosphere as in the poor individuals mouth. You can brush your teeth ten times afterwards and …

Crude - below $30

For the first time in decades, Crude (Brent) is below $30 per barrel. If you are residing in a country where your currency is worth more than the paper it is printed on, this is great news.

The ZAR was worth more than the USD when I was a youngster. we paid ZAR 0.82 for a USD and prior to the sanctions and the '71 oil price crisis Ford and GM products were more abundant than VW beetles. We paid approximately R2.00 for a British Pound. You could buy a Benz for less than a Chevvy or a Ford.

Even after the oil fiasco during the seventies, we still had the strongest currency in Africa. The infrastructure was better developed than most European countries and Nothing in Africa could touch us.

This state was maintained until 1994.

Now we have to multiply the USD price by 17 to get the Rand value and the British Pound by 23 - the slide is so rapid that one has to check the exchange rate at the time of purchase, or else you may be underpaying for your import with the resulting inconvenienc…

The OTHER diet

As members of the class - Mammalia, we are required to eat every day, more or less. This, being the life sustaining prerequisite of our race has been turned into a  (normally) enjoyable ritual where family and sometimes friends gather to consume food and beverages.

We often forget that we are also spiritual beings and that the spiritual also requires sustenance, albeit of a different kind.

The foods that influence our spiritual wellness are not sourced from the physical world and selection of the sustenance that will keep the spiritual being alive is a crucial factor - infinitely more important than the meat and veggies that we often select with great care from the shops.

Experiment with different spiritual foods - negativity for instance - if you constantly allow this nutrient to enter your spiritual realm, you will become negative, not maybe, not sometimes but every time, without fail.

This is also true for hatred, avarice etc. - we know the negatives.

Experiment with the flipside i…

You are what you EAT?? - The revolutionary ELSM Diet

As Omnivorous beasts, we consume almost anything - some with a preference for meat, others leaning towards the veggies.

What remains true is that excess consumption, be it vegetable matter or meat will lead to obesity.

I have studied family members and friends (and my own eating habits) over the past forty years or so and there is only one conclusion; If you eat in moderation, you will not become obese, regardless of you preferences (except of course the obvious high sugar, high cal foodstuffs and beverages).

People often blame their blood group, glandular dysfunction and many other excuses crop up - bull es h one tee.

Look at photographs of the people in concentration camps during WW2, the camps during the Anglo Boer war, and photographs of those unfortunate individuals in famine struck regions - not one fat person, sorry OBESE person in sight.

What could be the mystery? Lack of excess nutrition maybe?

The groups mentioned certainly contained individuals with glandular problems and a…