You are what you EAT?? - The revolutionary ELSM Diet

As Omnivorous beasts, we consume almost anything - some with a preference for meat, others leaning towards the veggies.

What remains true is that excess consumption, be it vegetable matter or meat will lead to obesity.

I have studied family members and friends (and my own eating habits) over the past forty years or so and there is only one conclusion; If you eat in moderation, you will not become obese, regardless of you preferences (except of course the obvious high sugar, high cal foodstuffs and beverages).

People often blame their blood group, glandular dysfunction and many other excuses crop up - bull es h one tee.

Look at photographs of the people in concentration camps during WW2, the camps during the Anglo Boer war, and photographs of those unfortunate individuals in famine struck regions - not one fat person, sorry OBESE person in sight.

What could be the mystery? Lack of excess nutrition maybe?

The groups mentioned certainly contained individuals with glandular problems and all the other excuses that you hear every day.

Only one conclusion can be made, if you eat less and es-h-one-tee more, you will lose weight and if this regimen is maintained, you will never become obese again.

Try the ELSM diet - you are allowed to eat all the stuff that you love but you have to follow the basic ELSM rules. That is; Eat Less- Shit More


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