MARS - HERE WE COME - ha-ha-ha

After today and the incessant HEAT WAVES over the last two months I believe that the Environmental fraternity is about to prove their point.

Al Gore and his cronies were right, I was right, The tree - huggers were right, The bunny - huggers were right, The Indian Tribal Chiefs at the turn of the previous century were right.

How and when it will end still remains to be seen. The "Day after Tomorrow" scenario begins to elicit some credibility, even though the instant ice - age does not seem at all probable at this stage- too hot. We are having the MONSTER hailstones in the meantime - thousands of automobiles with non repairable hail damage attests to this fact. Two years in a row now - hailstones as big as tennis balls - some as big as cricket balls.

The Coal and Oil burning fraternity will tell us that this sort of thing happens every century or so, they will keep on propagating this story until all the coal and oil have been extracted and sold.

Oil refineries and pipelines, coal fired power plants and automobile manufacturers invested huge over the last hundred years or so and they will milk this cow at all costs - to the point of extinction of life as we know it.

Maybe it is already too late to attempt to reverse the effects of hothouse gases and maybe the production of more  CO2 or H2S and methane will not have a more adverse effect OR maybe it will.

Are we prepared to risk the planet to find out????

Many movies have been made that show mass transfer of humans to other planets when our home at last becomes inhospitable.

We see photographs of the surface of Mars - close-up, talk of sending pioneer populations to that planet abounds - talk of terraforming - pleaaase. We are not even installing solar energy panels at any large scale yet on our own planet - definitely nothing that is properly sponsored by any government.

The first time they expose coal or hit oil during the terraforming process on Mars will make all else grind to a halt. People transports will be turned into coal and oil containers and they will attempt to sell the stuff to the KLINGONS, ROMULANS or some other fictional alien race.

Why the movies and propaganda about Mars? - to seed the world population  with the idea that we have an escape route when things turn sour. (in order that fossil fuels will not be banned before the last ounce have been extracted and sold)

How can people think that it will be able to replace Earth?. Even with the huge hailstones, exceedingly high temperatures, probability of a sudden ice age (ala "The Day after Tomorrow") this planet will still be better than any other option as there are no other options yet and there will probably not be for another thousand years.

It will have to be another solar system - It has taken Voyager sixty odd years to reach the outer edge of our solar system - how old will you be in another sixty years? - by then you will start your voyage in search of a planet in another solar system - good luck.

Our poor gullible race - Homo Sapiens, Sapiens.



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