Good bye 2013 - hello 2017

Wrote the appended post at the end of 2013 - since then we have experienced load shedding, Nkandla, Zuma reading numerical figures in excess of three digits, Zuma explaining to us that Africa is the biggest continent on the planet and that all the other continents will fit into Africa - no problem, Zuma getting married to wifey no 21, Zuma wanting to purchase a four billion dollar plane.

What immediately comes to mind is the dubious ability of this person to govern as President with obvious defective schooling, at least as far as Geography and numerical literacy are concerned.

What does emerge is that he may be innocent of the R 250 000 000.00 spent on Nkandla (he was most probably unable to comprehend the figures that were presented to him for his approval and signature.

More incomprehensible may be the astronomical number of zeroes after the four required for the jetliner. Zeroes after all means zip, nothing, nada, no value - regardless of the number that precedes the string of nadas as well as the indicator preceding the number. Today the man would have to multiply by a factor of fifteen to find out the actual cost of the jet in our currency i.e. 4 billion times 15 to convert from USD to ZAR will result in sixty (60) billion Rand. (may be a tad difficult to grasp).

Then we are still required to explain the size of Africa in relation to the total surface area of all the other land masses on this planet. This inability may be the problem of many Africans (and Chinese), therefore the undaunted urge to procreate and literally choke the planet with illiterate individuals. (One wife will not be able to handle the pressure, hence the number of incubators now going for 22).

All this makes me (and many others) sad at a time when we should be rejoicing.
Zoe-Leigh (my grand daughter) had her tonsils and adenoids removed this morning - she is already able to count beyond the numbers one would expect from a three-year-old. I told her to drink a lot of water and she said: "MY DOCTOR TOLD ME TO DRINK APPLE JUICE" I nearly choked on my food.

This is of course indicative of the principle of generating less offspring and giving them more quality education - at home and at the creche.

Watching the back of wife no. 21's head in the bush surrounding Nkandla does little to stimulate the grey matter.
It does however limit the ability of the poor child to develop it's ability to perceive distances beyond a few centimeters.
This in turn leads to poor driving ability when the person grows into adulthood. This in turn leads to high death rates on South African roads. We have among other dubious achievements, one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates on the planet. This can be directly attributed to the inability to judge speed and distance, especially if one considers the other dubious achievement of having one of the highest alcohol and substance abuse records worldwide.

We have many bright youngsters that have a wish to better themselves and the lot of their fellow countrymen by obtaining tertiary qualifications.
The recent protests at our Universities attest to this. Unfortunately our President has the urge to fly all over the show and perceive the other "small" continents from 36000 feet ?while attempting to make all his wives members of the mile-high club?

Four billion Dollars would enable 40000 youngsters to have R 100000 available towards their goals of  making this country better.

Where will the money come from the government asks - increase Value Added Tax they say, Increase the tax of high income individuals they say, Force all the companies listed on the JSE to adopt one or more students they say.

I say, Sell Nkandla, sell the jet, fire the incompetents from government, reduce the payroll of the Government Service by 50%, Stop wasting the taxpayer's money, it does not belong to you.

Appoint competent people and cut the crap, sorry politics. Read below.


Always writing about the negative things in life like poor governance, social injustice, gross misuse of tax money and so on. My wife told me (requested me) to write something positive and nice, considering that it’s the first day of a New Year.

One does tend to become negative and maybe a grumpy old person if you are always exposing yourself to the stuff that requires fixing.

I won’t say that the beautiful things that remain passes me by but maybe I should allow this to influence my moods more often.

My youngest granddaughter turned four and my eldest son is now 37. The little girl (Zoe-Leigh) is such a source of pleasure that I would find it difficult to get myself in the right mood to write asinine remarks about those who really deserve to be castigated in a public forum.

We have three children of our own and I think if I put all their baby-smiles together I may just be able to equal what Zoe-Leigh gives us in a week. She has one of the most sunny characters I have ever come across in my entire life and one grin from her changes one’s entire day. She has grown up a little since this post saw the light in 2013 and is intelligent beyond her years.

I sometimes wonder why I chose such a crummy subject to write about – Political Satire, it will always be negative. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth and tends to turn the corners of the mouth downwards.

Enter Zoe, gone is the migraine, gone is the grumpy mood. (Also the will to write)

This happens a few times a day and those who were called to be the watchdogs of the Democratic system will tell you that it takes a certain, cynical mindset to extract the right words from the old grey – hard disk. Once you have been Zoe’d, it often takes an hour or more to acquire this special (yucky) state of mind. This of course requires a lot of editing to make satirical and cynical remarks, sound like, well, satirical, cynical remarks.

I just hope that we – the cynical ilk of the word, will have a lot less to write about this 2017 - The number of corruption incidents has grown exponentially since. Gone is the hope of less to write about.

Zuma is facing his second vote of no-confidence. He played the racism card as a last resort, despite the fact that all the pictures in the media showed black and white, coloured and indian, Zulu and Tshwana - all marching together PEACEFULLY- (some even took their children along) to ask Mr. Z to resign.

He is still facing this vote and the court has to rule whether a secret ballot will be allowed or not. If it goes the secret ballot way, this guy will be a gonner. 

The only thing that might save him is the fact that many in the Zuma camp have received "favors" from him and may stand a chance of being exposed as he is well known for his vindictive streak.

Nothing else will save this guy.

HNY 2017 – πέτρα & family.


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