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The study was published online Nov. 8 in the journal Scientific Reports. Original article on Live Science.

Scientists did three experiments to examine the widely accepted idea that religion is linked to intuition, as well as the lesser-held idea that religion can be explained by reason. In one experiment, 89 pilgrims taking part in the famous Camino de Santiago, or the "Way of Saint James" pilgrimage, completed a cognitive test. They answered questions about the strength of their religious or spiritual beliefs and the length of time they had spent on the pilgrimage. The pilgrims also completed probability tasks that assessed their levels of logical thinking and intuitive, or "gut feeling," thinking. The results showed no link between religious beliefs and intuitive thinking. Nor was there a link between supernatural beliefs and analytical thinking, the researchers found. In the second study, 37 people from the United Kingdom had to try to solve mathematical puzzles des…


The final straw on the camel’s back?
The last victim may be the incident that leads to retaliation from the South African farming community. It is not a matter of ethnicity anymore but of farmers being targeted regardless of colour or creed. Victims of these heinous acts of torture, rape and all manner of extreme brutality will often find it difficult to return to farming.
This in turn leads to the food security of an entire nation being jeopardised for the enrichment of a select few. Do not for one moment think that the attacks are planned by the actual perpetrators. They are only cannon fodder. The farming community is under attack from persons, probably in very high positions, government officialdom not excluded.
Many promises were made by the ruling party pertaining to the redistribution of land when they campaigned. Land, especially developed farmland that has been in the hands of whites for many generations (some more than 350 years) unfortunately cannot be obtained for free in a D…