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Bull terrier diaries - September 15, 2017 A dog's life

Do not for one moment think that things were different
during the night.

Bull Terrier Diaries - September 14, 2017

Bull terrier Activity centre - Queen sized bed (mine !!)

Twelve thousand Road deaths vs FOURTEEN THOUSAND MURDERS per annum

Read the headlines of the "Beeld" this morning and noticed that the "AARTO" system will be implemented country-wide as from next year.

Should this system be administered well it will be an asset and will probably help to reduce the number of road accident deaths to less than the 32 deaths that occur daily .

A lot of effort and financial resources have already been invested in this system and if the persons that will be appointed to make the system work are employed based on the qualifications required for the functions they have to perform, it will be an asset.

To date, this has not been the case. Even I have received incorrect fines with the photograph clearly depicting a totally different make and colour of vehicle with a registration number that may be the same but being somewhat unclear resulted in the fine being allocated to me.

I believe that the person(s) that have to issue fines, should at least be able to differentiate between different makes of vehicles a…

Rhino poaching - still going strong

The following information was obtained from the official Wildlife conservation site:"Rhino Poaching Statistics for South Africa, 2016A total of 1 054 rhino were poached in 2016, compared to 1 175 in the same period for 2015, representing a decline of 10.3%.  (My comments: The decline of 10.3% is probably due to Rhinos becoming more difficult to find - 1054 less to be found to be exact.) Specifically for the KNP, a total of 662 rhino carcasses were found in 2016 compared to 826 in 2015. This represents a reduction of 19.85% in 2016. This is despite a continued increase in the number of illegal incursions into the Kruger National Park." (My comments: a reduction of 200 carcasses still resulted in 662 rhinos dead, unable to procreate and ensure the survival of the species. 662 gene carriers less) I Proposed a probable cure for this heinous practise about five years ago. Since then - billions have been spent in an attempt to save the Rhino, to stop poaching and the export of rhino h…