Heard about the Government Servant (should actually be servant of the people) that spends millions of taxpayer’s money on flying separately and not with other officials.

He justifies this by claiming that the officials in question have body vermin - lice, Crabs?.

The next day one of the esteemed SACP members suck-up to the ANC President by stating that legislation should be passed to make it illegal to make any negative public statements about the President. (I suppose this will be enforced even if said President misuses taxpayer's money to upgrade already opulent digs)

He further says that white people degrade blacks and their culture(s) (Is the culture of all black people in this country the same?)

Funny that white MP’s do not insist on flying alone, funny that they don’t publicly state (and degrade) members of the opposing party (also mostly black) on the flight by saying that they have body vermin and so on.
Funny that the president (Prime Minister and MP’s) of the previous regime had an old “Viscount” for all internal (African) flights. This aircraft was well maintained and used sparingly so as not to waste taxpayer’s money. Overseas flights were on the commercial passenger carriers with civilian passengers (body vermin inclusive).

I suppose that nobody told the Body vermin guy that you will only acquire said wildlife from someone else by very close (intimate) contact. Did he make some unfortunate individual a member of the “Mile High Club” sometime in his illustrious past and in so-doing, acquired some really intimate friends?

Is the SACP now battling for air after sticking their?  thinking? machinery up the neither regions of the President?

Is the ANC colluding with said party as a pre-emptive plan to form a coalition if the polls are not so much in their favour?

A few things are certain:

The money tree has finite resources and is, judging by the various plans to milk the tax cow even more i.e. toll money, government run medical and so on, running out already.

The taxpayers will revolt

A corrupt, money grabbing non-government will be removed, if not at the voting booth, then by force.

I am not making these statements as a threat, but through careful observation of similar governments that came into power worldwide and especially in Africa. “Body Vermin” is at least correct about one thingAfrican Culture, if you are removed from power, it should be taken very literally as this may well mean that the removal ends up being of a very permanent nature.

I find it difficult to believe that the President , so close to the end of  his term in office, now decides to spend R200 million on upgrades to one of THE dwellings (Nkandla - in the bush somewhere where future Presidents are very unlikely to ever stay officially). Smacks of an attempt at garnering some extra retirement funding in case the ANC does not cut it this time around.

One thing I have to admit, These guys go big, not one M or even ten M, but 250 M’s

Gives one an idea of what sort of money they made themselves used to. R 250 million gives you at least a round million every month after tax if you stick it in the bank. If you are prepared to be a bit more active and adventurous you could easily double the amount. Admittedly, twenty odd “wives” with their multitude of offspring, will require a lot of bread to keep happy.

I sincerely hope this scenario is off the mark as I am sure the President has the welfare of the populace at heart. I hope that this is a last ditch attempt to obtain enough money to right a few of the wrongs committed during his term at office.

If this happens to be true, maybe this other guy was referring to a different type of body vermin, namely ticks or maybe even leaches, that,if, given the opportunity, will multiply and suck a person dry making the slogan: “Born Free, Taxed (sucked) to death”, vert true indeed.


Anonymous said…
Is this guy still flying solo??

I sincerely hope that he is doing it at his own expense as we can not afford leeches in our pub(l)ic service any longer.

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