It was published by Minister Richard Baloyi in our Government Gazette that Council Members – Countrywide are to receive Risk Insurance  and Life insurance, to be paid for by the TAXPAYER.

This brilliant move was certainly inspired by the fact that we had more than a hundred  (113) poor- service-delivery–related riots during the first seven months of 2012. 

I think it is ridiculous to fund this with Tax money – HA HA, make the people that are extremely unhappy – to the point where they are revolting against said Council members, for NOT doing their jobs, PAY even more to compensate for anticipated damages/losses and-so-on, which may be incurred by the PERPETRATORS of the root causes of the revolts. (Pay them for cocking things up)

This is akin to a shopkeeper charging shoppers more for rotten goods, and forcing them to eat it.

Salaries to Council members are already the largest cost item, leaving meagre amounts for real service delivery.

The reasons, CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, “AMICITISM”* - coupled to this the fact that most council members were political appointments with very little regard for qualifications and skills required.

The results, Poor or non-existing Management, excessive wastage of resources, deterioration of services, deterioration of equipment – i.e. sewage treatment plants, waste management and landfill sites etc.

Most of our, once-pristine, water reservoirs and rivers are now contaminated to the point where it has become dangerous to human life.

The councils are drowning us in our own excrement and want us to pay more for this dubious privilege.

It is exactly this attitude of "F%^k you Jack, I’m OK" and the false sense of security experienced by Council Members, imparted by Political appointment, that led to this poor state of affairs (or poor affairs of the ANC led state?)

Are we blind or stupid or something. We see Councillors driving around in luxury vehicles, living in palace-like houses, spending millions on entertainment, failing to do their jobs etc. yet we vote for these guys time-after-time because of their  Political Party Affiliation.

We observe this callous misappropriation of TAX money which are flaunted in our faces every day by people who believe themselves above retribution – a notion that is strengthened every time we vote, making them even more callous. (At Least Minister Baloyi is perceptive enough to anticipate violent revolt)

In the meantime, the deterioration of the country will reach a point where we will become dependent on International grants to restructure. All this is happening, not because we do not have the know-how or funding but because we are not applying our resources correctly, in short, The government is not governing.

As I have re-iterated so often, Government is a Country Management system and should be free of POLITICS after being elected, the task of Management should then be taken –up with the same fervour (and more).
Appointments should be based on the same principals that are applied for appointments in the Private sector i.e. suitability through training, experience and a proven, verified track record as well as a clear criminal record.  (Will be difficult among the cadres I think ??)

 It may be a good idea to make temporary appointments for a three to six month trial period. Political affiliation should not even enter the equation, the best person for the job at hand, even if we have to import.

We have (and are still) losing many highly skilled people to other countries because of the unequal, unfair and unjust practices such as the reverse “APARTHEID” BEE legislation. People with the knowledge and ability to really make positive contribution to the lives of all South African citizens are still moving Down-Under.

*Amicetism - Appointment of friends in choice positions regardless of actual ability and qualifications to fulfill the requirements of said position - almost the same as Nepotism but applied to friends - hence "Amici" - Latin for friends.


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