DECEMBER 21, 2012

Some people are scared shitless, some are anticipating extreme change –WHY? It is always the end of the world – referring to the poor abused planet earth. The scenario always includes the Christian God (and apparently the Mayan gods) wanting to obliterate everything that was created (once perfect).
The Planet did not commit any wrongdoing, in fact the whole nature, except Homo Sapiens-Sapiens is constantly trying to regain balance and normality.
We – the humans, are procreating (fuc&#%) things up, constantly looking for more ways to feed, clothe and house the ever increasing multitudes. The whole process of population growth is required to keep the wheels of poorly managed economies – world wide turning. The notion of preaching a slowdown in population growth (by any Politician worth the name) is a big no-no, unless you want to lose the next election of course. We are screwing ourselves into extinction in the process of providing cannon fodder for the factories and industry (and often wars) . In fact, some economies thrive on the premature use of their cannon fodder in the form of child labor – a lot cheaper.
We still have some time to turn the tables – not many years, but maybe a few. The end of the world that is so feared will probably be of our own doing – not God or some catastrophe as spectacular as some of those depicted in the movies.
More likely than not, we will start drowning in our own waste, water and food sources contaminated to such an extent that it becomes unfit for human consumption.
The latest horror perpetrated in this country being the Hydro fracturing of the Karoo shales to extract even more CO and CO2 producing fuels.
This must obviously be weighed-up against the benefits – job creation and revenue producing exports. Bugger the Karoo and the groundwater, which will probably become so contaminated that it will be unfit for man or beast.
There will be the lucky few, the very rich and  some high ranking Government officials who have accounts all over the show, especially in responsible countries where population growth was taken out of the economic equation long ago as a means to create the impression of prosperity. Jump on a plane and go to one of these countries. It will buy the guilty a few years of respite until these havens also go the “sewer” route. The only organisms that thrive in their own wastes are viruses and bacteria - if you expose man to his own shit for long enough, he will die.


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