The wise guy that coined this phrase must have grown up in Utopia or someplace where everybody was literate. In Africa, children are taught how to strip an AK47 before they learn how to read and write . (Maybe these skills are a part of their upbringing)

By the time they become old enough to acquire literacy skills they are no longer interested. It is easier to take what you want from those that actually believe that the pen is mightier than the sword (AK47)
Having faced the wrong side of Russian and Chinese manufactured weaponry, I can assure anyone that you will feel extremely stupid, standing there, pen – in – hand.(and probably some liquid brown stuff soiling your boots)
The same can of course be said for any modern firearms. You just do not argue with someone if they are pointing a gun at you, be it of Russian, Chinese or German manufacture.
I can not believe that people, after being witness to so many atrocities all over the world, still believe that pacifism will bring about meaningful change (for the better).
Throughout the 35000 years or so that Homo Sapiens have inhabited this planet, I do not believe that any conflict has ever been resolved with a pen. The evidence points to a more aggressive approach being used from the beginning.
For those who do not wish to become involved in a conflict there is but one alternative – go away, leave.
We need to identify the problem(s) or enemy and remove the offending bits by radical surgery, this one will not be resolved if we sit on the sideline, observing and writing (would have been nice though).
In Utopia, where Democracy actually works, the pen is definitely the weapon of choice but if Democracy is just a word, used to placate the Pacifist into believing that his vote counts, more direct means of taking remedial action may be required. 
Some people actually believe that free and fair elections actually take place on the African continent. Funny how a madman like Mugabe has been and still is in power despite several independent polls over many decades showing exactly the opposite.(This was also true for many other "democracies" e.g. Zambia, Congo, Kenia, Ethiopia, DRC, Ivory coast etc. etc.etc.)

At some stage we are going to reach a point of no return. Referring to the damage to our environment through negligent Government – contamination of our natural water resources with shit from squatter camps, poorly managed sewage processing plants, mismanagement of so many spheres of the natural environment which is after all the source of our existence. Yes people, food fit for human consumption, (that is without harmful pathogenic contamination), is actually produced on a farm somewhere by somebody with the know-how to produce said products on a sustainable basis and not by the Supermarket on the corner.
Starting with our natural resources, we need to protect, maintain and nurture these with everything in our power. The farming community must be assisted by all means possible to produce as much as possible with no permanent damage to the environment. Not limited damage, no damage. The existing infrastructure should be maintained and not left to ruin. It is always more difficult and expensive to do repairs or replacements, instead of regular maintenance. The South African Rail network (except for the main links) has been left to go to ruin. Our factory is situated next to a line that is slowly disappearing to be sold as scrap metal. It has become too costly already to attempt to recover a system that functioned like clockwork under the "old regime".
Our roads are cluttered and damaged by heavy transport which now flourishes as a result of the mismanagement of our rail network.
Thing is, we can not afford mistakes, every time a sewage processing facility spills fecal matter into our rivers or river catchment areas, that system is contaminated for many tears to come. The same holds true for mining and industrial effluent, THE PROPOSED (AND ACCEPTED) SHALE GAS RECOVERY IN THE KAROO will probably render the groundwater contaminated for thousands, if not millions of years.
Our planet does not have infinite resources. At some stage we are going to run out of everything and then we have nowhere to go. (Do not for one moment think that Mars or the moon are alternatives)  Then we are, for lack of a more descriptive word – FUCKED


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