Mr. Jacob Zuma The President of the Republic of South Africa makes a public speech in Natal.

He states that it is not Black culture (in a country that claims to be non-racial)  to spend money on your dog by taking it to the vet when its requires medical attention.
(Apparently he meant that this should not be allowed when someone in your service – a black person obviously, needs a doctor.

I can understand his sentiment but usually a person that is employed earns money and has the ability to get to a doctor, or if unemployed,  free Government-run clinics or hospitals.

People also have the ability to communicate their problems to someone else.

Animals on the other hand, do not have the luxury of free medical services, free government hospitals or clinics.

Animals are totally dependent on their owners for everything, from daily sustenance to grooming and medical assistance if so required.

Dogs did not ask to be domesticated almost thirty-five thousand years ago.

Incidentally Mr. President - one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, the Basenji are owned and used for hunting purposes by Black people in the Congo and Sudan. The Azandi and and Mangbetu tribes have been using these dogs for thousands of years which probably makes dog ownership one of the oldest black cultures.

Dogs can not help that they are the most loyal companions a man can ever find.

They can not help that they have an urge to protect their owners against Murderers, robbers and thieves when the Government is not able to provide this basic service anymore.

It is obvious that our esteemed President has never experienced the unconditional loyalty of a dog or some other pet.

I pride myself on being able to judge character in a very short period of time and having been in Managerial positions for thirty odd years, I have very seldom been off the mark.

One of the criteria that immediately count in any person’s favour is love of animals, especially dogs.

In any unknown company, one will soon notice that the people that really care for animals, tend to seek each other out – it seems to be a character thing.

One thing is certain – for someone that spends two hundred and fifty odd million (SAR 250 000 000.00) of taxpayers money (US$ 30 000 000.00) on upgrading his house (AT THE END OF HIS TERM IN OFFICE !! )***  he should not blame the taxpayer for wanting to take care of his or her pets by paying a vet the average consultation rate of  US$ 25.00.

Dear Mr. President – Please keep in mind that in addition to the upgrades to your holiday home (Nkandla),  you are paid a higher salary than five or six of the First –World leaders i.e. France, Japan. Leaders of countries with outstanding Government Medical Services, Schools, Police services, roads etc. Services that make our attempts look feeble in comparison.

Of course the state of our services can be blamed on the previous Apartheid regime of almost twenty years ago.

Pet owners can be blamed for the unemployment and poverty because they dare to take their pets to a veterinarian, how absurd can you get.

*** It seems that attempts are now being made to change the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa to amend the maximum period allowed in office from eight years to life.
Are we nurturing another Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere or Ghadaffi.
May our prayers to the contrary be heard.


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