ANC - Another Name Change

Our inept ruling Party at it again – changing names. I think that the ANC government has now officially spent more on name changes than on anything else – except of course Salaries and perks for Government officials.
Some of the regiments that was established before the ANC came into being are now at risk of being renamed, fortunately not after some unknown official’s second cousin but after provinces i.e. Limpopo etc.
The day will come when the acronym ANC will not be associated with the African National Congress but 
Another Name Change.
Great is the pity that this does nothing to relieve poverty, build houses, create jobs etc. (except for the fortunate company that manufacture sign boards) – probably partly or wholly owned by some official or a family member.
We are lucky that not much remains to be renamed which will hopefully motivate our Government to start building  (Creating something new) that can be named instead of just renaming stuff that was erected and created by the previous government.
This wish will probably die a silent death – suffocated under the mountains of old names – to be called something else.
What remains certain is that excrement called by any other name still smells as bad.
The idea that you can mislead (bovine feces) everybody all the time by trying to fool them into believing that something is happening, by changing names, will certainly not cut it for much longer, unless our Government knows something of the mentality of our general population that we are unaware of.

I am officially renaming this post - ANC


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