The OTHER diet

As members of the class - Mammalia, we are required to eat every day, more or less. This, being the life sustaining prerequisite of our race has been turned into a  (normally) enjoyable ritual where family and sometimes friends gather to consume food and beverages.

We often forget that we are also spiritual beings and that the spiritual also requires sustenance, albeit of a different kind.

The foods that influence our spiritual wellness are not sourced from the physical world and selection of the sustenance that will keep the spiritual being alive is a crucial factor - infinitely more important than the meat and veggies that we often select with great care from the shops.

Experiment with different spiritual foods - negativity for instance - if you constantly allow this nutrient to enter your spiritual realm, you will become negative, not maybe, not sometimes but every time, without fail.

This is also true for hatred, avarice etc. - we know the negatives.

Experiment with the flipside i.e. peace, gladness, righteousness etc. and you will become a healthy spiritual being.

Fortunately we can control what influences us spiritually (we decide what we eat).

If one does not allow negativity to influence ones well being, it will not.

I often find it difficult to understand how people blame external forces (spiritual junk food) for their poor spiritual health, you are after all, in charge of what you allow through your spiritual mouth, that is, your ears and eyes. True, you can not control what you hear or see but you can control the effect it will have on you.

Once the mind has been allowed to be contaminated with something negative, it will take sixty days to reverse the process. It takes on average sixty days to re-wire the thought processes - it can be done. If you go on a diet of positive behavior, you will become positive. The only prerequisite is that one must totally refrain from eating the wrong kind of food. TRY IT


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