More than 7000 white farmers have been killed in South Africa from 1994. to April 2017. If one considers that we have a total of about 30 000 white farmers left, this figure really becomes significant. (23% of the total  farming community which is predominantly white (64%) The Latest update April 2017 >7000 (Statistics are not being updated anymore)

We, the white city dwellers may feel reasonably safe at the moment, after all, it is the farmers they are after. The question remains, who will be next?

Once all the farms have been re-distributed, your suburban dwelling may be the target of choice.

Do not become complacent, do not distance yourself from these atrocities as you may become the next victim.

The Jewish people in Europe also thought that they were fairly safe from harm, quite a large portion of the Jewish community in Europe were considered affluent and this may have contributed to their perception that they were isolated and buffered from the impending violence.

ENTER Adolph Hitler, Hater of Jews. It is known that he felt that the Jewish people robbed the Germans by being rich. Crazy bugger. Six million Jewish victims later, he was taken seriously. A bit late in the day one would say.

It also started off with seemingly random killings, a family here, a family there, the population of a little hamlet here, another there. Most of the locals probably felt that they had it coming to them anyway - rich bastards, daring to own all the businesses in town.  Everyone else, the true inhabitants of the motherland - mostly poor peasants who had to hand over their hard earned Reichmarks to the Jewish storekeeper.

You may think the scenario far fetched but speak to some unschooled black persons and find out what their perceptions are. If there is a nice house, it is probably owned by a white. If there is a shop on the corner, it is probably owned by a Portuguese immigrant (white) or some Pakistani immigrant who worked his hands off to get a small business off the ground.(semi white)

If you see a nice car parked outside the shop, it belongs to a white.

His perception does not include  the following facts:

The house-owner  paid through his neck for the property and will probably do so for the next two or three Decades.

The Portuguese shop owner was assisted with cash from the Portuguese community to establish his business and prior to the innovation of 24/7 quick-shops, stayed open to three in the morning to enable him to pay back his sponsors. (and feed his family). Nowadays they dare not stay open later than eight, for fear of being robbed.

The car belongs to a person that impoverished his father who paid for his studies as a Medical Doctor Dentist or engineer - that he attended a tertiary institute of learning for seven years or so, does not matter, nor does the peasant comprehend this.
Whites just become  Doctors and dentists to empower them to take your money if you are ill.

The above does not form part of the equation - the only difference according to Mr.Peasant is the colour of the skin.

ENTER ANCYL and the ANCYL Anthem, "KILL THE FARMER, KILL THE BOER" Mr. Peasant is not up to distinguishing between Portuguese, Boer or Englishmen (or Pakistani), to him all look white.

He starts off by grabbing a handbag, gets caught, goes to jail, gets recruited and agrees to undergo training to  shorten his sentence.

After the first kill  he becomes part of an elite group (SS)? No - almost the same KTWG.  (Kill The White Guy)
After "LIBERATING"  white owned farms they become the champions of their brethren who have the same perception of Whites.
They join this "Army" by the thousands, after all, they are unemployed and have nothing to loose. The rest will be history. Six million White South Africans (inclusive of American, British,German,Swedish,Pakistani and others who made this country their home), slaughtered.
The ANCYL, SACP and all the other splinter groups that think you can make the POOR rich by making the RICH, poor, (or by killing those you perceive to be rich)  find themselves with a bankrupt economy, Nationalised Mining Industry and all,  famine on the streets. (Streets named after some farmer killing individuals)

The purging begins a-la Zimbabwe where the Matabele were almost obliterated by the Shona-led government under Mugabe..(You have to keep these guys  busy otherwise they turn on their masters when they become bored)

I experienced this first-hand during the Angolan war. We met the refugees on the road South from Luanda, Silva-Porto, Sao De Bandeira and almost all the other Northern towns.
All the refugees had the same story - they heard shots being fired early in the morning (05:00) and then the people started coming through the suburbs, running for their lives. Most of the refugees (the lucky ones)  only had time to grab their children, throw a few items of clothing int the car and go.
The refugees were almost all Portuguese. The tales we heard were of whites being the main target for the MPLA forces that were hellbent on obliterating the Portuguese population.

When they ran out of fuel, they were picked up by farmers with trucks that had more range and eventually met the SA troops at the Kunene river at Fort Rocadas,

This is Africa - if it is not Hutu vs Tutsi or some old tribal scores being settled, it will be political but someone will be killed for whatever reason that sounds vaguely legitimate to the perpetrators of violence and death.

First, the Zulu will attempt to wipe out the Xhosa, The Sotho will attempt to wipe out the Tswana and so on. In the end, the two strongest tribes will face each other, kill each other, preferably with a "panga" - back to the dark ages.
One Monarch for life, dictating the lives "and deaths" of the remaining population. Everything will belong to the king - officially. - not the way it is now where the "king" is only unofficially in charge of the "green".

Forgotten (Conveniently) is the fact that neither the blacks or the whites can claim ownership of this country - the San were here at least 5000 years before us. They moved to the more arid regions when the cattle herders started populating the country, the whites from the South and the blacks from the North. They were raped and murdered and driven to the edge of extinction by the cattle farming communities, black and white alike. They were seen as a pestilence that had to be purged from this planet - not because they were different in build or skin color but because the saw cattle as easy natural prey.

To the San, cattle did not belong to somebody, the concept of ownership was alien to them. Everything was supplied by mother nature - it has been like that since their perception of the dawn of time.

Some of the white owned farms have been in the possession of the same families for almost 350 years. The black tribes met the white farmers at the Fish river in the Cape province on their Southerly migration.

The country to the North was either purchased (bartered) from the tribal chiefs or fairly conquered in battle.

Almost all countries in the known world was won in this way, why should ownership in this country be disputed.

The whites and white farmers, in general brought opportunity to many rural people who were trained as drivers, machine operators and many other skills which would certainly only have reached them much later.

Admittedly, some farmers treated their employees poorly and have exploited them. This happens everywhere in the world.

I have visited many farms since my childhood and in general my perception have been that workers were treated fairly and almost all the farm workers that I have met were content.

Are we going to allow a minority group of farmer killing criminals to cause 400 years of development to go down the drain?

Just asking.


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