Judging by the reaction of almost the entire populace of this beleaguered country it is quite clear that Z1 has been weighed and found too heavy, heavy and bloated by the amount of loot skimmed, not only from the top but from the middle and bottom layers as well.

Perturbing is the number of supporters who, unless they are all brain dead, can certainly not align themselves with a person that clearly has no values, no conscience and no empathy for anyone but himself.

One can only conclude that the loyalty originates from some other source i.e. fear of being exposed as the following who lightened the burden of Z1 somewhat.

It cannot be the character, looks, mathematical abilities or any other positive traits that keeps these cronies from jumping ship.
Now would be a good time to pack and go because later would reveal the true reasons(s) for staying on board.

Once this guy is relieved of his position he will not remain in this country but would probably go into voluntary exile – to the stash.

The only question remaining is the destination. I would venture that it will not be Switzerland (although some of the hard-earned currency of our taxpayers may be residing in a numbered account there) but rather the Bahamas or perhaps one of the less well known tax havens. (Cuba maybe).
Almost any corrupt leader could have been persuaded to provide said haven for a fraction of the loot.

What we are praying for is a means of finding a way to rid this guy of everything that he pilfered during his term in office and send him packing with only the amount that he is entitled to.

He was well taught by the geriatric gentleman residing in the country just north of us. May both of them rot before they have a chance to spend the hard earned cash of the multitudes who were robbed of proper schools, hospitals and all the other services that they were supposed to have received for their tax contributions.

Being a cardiac patient at one of our more prestigious Government hospitals I have experienced and witnessed the suffering of old and young alike who had to spend hours on end to obtain a month's supply of pain relievers or 30 anti-inflammatory capsules, only to repeat the same torture again the following month. 

A typical day to see a doctor would start at about 05:30 when the queue would already be stretching from the entrance to the hospital for about 40 meters - 4 wide. 

When you reach the counter at last, you would receive a number and the waiting carries on, this time in a chair if you are lucky. When your number appears on the screen at long last, you would be required to wait for the clerk in a cubicle for another 30 minutes or so. Once you have paid, you leave for the Department where you are to be treated. Once there, you will again receive a number and told to wait for a doctor.

When at last this miracle happens, you enter the consulting room of said doctor and wait again for this poor overworked individual to have a cup of tea. The consultation very seldom lasts longer than five minutes and you then receive a prescription. 

Prescription in hand you rush off to the dispensary where you again receive a number and the waiting continues - sometimes one is told to return the following day as the dispensary is closing. 

Often when your number is at last called, you arrive at the counter only to be told that your medication is not in stock and that you have to return at a later date to get your prescription. 

Being a cardiac patient, one can ill afford to be without medication for five days or so but it happens. 

This type of experience and treatment tends to make people bitter and causes a person to wish that  perhaps one will see  Z1 rotting in a cell somewhere, hopefully also reaching the ripe old age of his northerly located friend and mentor while experiencing this tight enclosure.


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