Distracted Driving

AASA sent out a newsletter regarding this topic yesterday (12/05/2016). I believe that those who subscribe to this publication are already concerned about the death rate on our roads and should not be the target audience.

We have a well-developed broadcasting system that could – and should be utilised to graphically bring this message to the attention of as many citizens as possible.

I have on many occasions experienced the result of the distractions caused by texting, applying make-up and general inattention of fellow drivers. People seem to forget that they are often travelling at 120 Km per hour or 33 meters per second or more. 

It simply means that if you look down for 1 second, you will be 33 meters further along when you look up again. 

To text one word or read one sentence will often take in excess of 5 seconds. 

That will place you 150 meters or the length of one and a half football fields further down the road. Should someone in front of you apply brakes it will simply require you to have a following distance at least 150 meters excluding the time that you will require to react.

Even if the campaign uses some of the goriest footage to bring this message home, it will be shock treatment well applied.

Instead of spewing political jargon every time they appear on TV, Politicians should rather spend this time to bring home some message that actually can make a difference to people’s lives.

Ideology will not solve the problems nor will scoring political points. 

We can keep on blaming the regime of almost a quarter century ago for all the problems we are experiencing now or do something positive to actually change something else than the name of some street or town.

ANC should not be the acronym for Another Name Change but embody the visions of Nelson Mandela and those that had the purpose of making this country a truly world class place to live in.  


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